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Symphony Office Hours

Tuesday–Friday, 9am–5pm

Santa Cruz County Symphony Office:
307 Church Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Telephone: 831.462.0553
Fax: 831.426.1193
Email: info @ santacruzsymphony.org

For audition information contact:
Norman Peck, Personnel Manager
Email: npeck @ earthlink.net

Website: www.santacruzsymphony.org

We’d like to hear from you!

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Symphony Staff

Jan Derecho, Executive Director
831.462.0553 x 13
executivedirector @ santacruzsymphony.org

Benjamin Short, Marketing Manager
831.462.0553 x 11
marketing @ santacruzsymphony.org

Katie McKendry, Office Coordinator
831.462.0553 x 10
office @ santacruzsymphony.org

Norman Peck, Personnel Manager
npeck @ earthlink.net

Lynn Brisson, Accountant

Sue Laughlin, Librarian

Rick Larsen, Production Manager

Patrick Fitzsimmons, Stage Manager